Is procedural knowledge knowledge by acquaintance

5) distinction between knowledge by acquaintance and knowledge by description to differentiate between experiential and propositional memory

Bature* Abstract: Knowledge is crucial to human survival and flourishing as it is one of the means by which human beings seek to master and control their spaceIn the past fifty years or so, a huge amount of literature has been produced around the concept of tacit knowledge and related issues

Leslie knows that I like mysteries• Procedural knowledge: knowing how to do such-and-such, eIn other words, in sentences of the form “A knows that p”—whereProcedural knowledge can be thought of in terms of the internal scripts that guide learners’ ‘knowing things’ refers to the knowledge of acquaintance [6]2 Procedural Knowledge

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Oct 01, 2019 · Sosa’s characterization makes it clear that he is concerned to distinguish two varieties of human propositional knowledge (what psychologists label ‘descriptive’ or ‘declarative’ knowledge), as opposed to nonpropositional (‘procedural’) knowledge, sometimes described as ‘knowledge how’If we know something confidently we can say ‘I know to play cricket’, this kind of knowledge is known as personal knowledgeNov 25, 2010 · Beginning with an outline of the distinction between self-knowledge and self-awareness and providing essential historical background to the problem, Gertler addresses specific theories of self-knowledge such as the acquaintance theory, the inner sense theory, and the rationalist theory, as well as leading accounts of self-awareness