Uss gerald r ford aircraft carrier

Ford supercarrier after 12 years of construction and testing, the service announced Thursday

The USS Gerald RFord will be operational by 18 months after post-delivery trials and testing begins and that a team of experts will be formed to carry over lessons learned as the AWEs are installed in each new carrier of the Ford

Nov 09, 2013 · USS Gerald RBy The Maritime Executive 2019-08-13 14:01:33 After more than a year of maintenance and repairs, the Navy has accepted re-delivery of the propulsion plant for the new carrier USS Gerald RJul 22, 2017 · President Trump presided over the commissioning ceremony for the nuclear-powered Gerald RThe United States is building its next generation of aircraft carrier, the FORD-class carriers

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Ford (CVN 78), is returning to Naval Station Norfolk after about three weeks at sea